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The most amazing live show in Edmonton?

It’s in your living room…


Hi. I’m Louis Pezzani.
I’ve been performing my show MIND MAGIC to audiences across Canada for the last couple of decades. Most of my shows are at conferences, corporate events and fundraisers. But here in my hometown of Edmonton I also offer a VERY special show.
There is nothing else like it.
And it happens in your home!
What I’m about to tell you will sound impossible.
But that’s what this show is all about.

Impossible things.”
Right in front of you.

Welcome to Psychic Party

Psychic Party consists of MINDBOGGLING  demonstrations of…

Unspoken communication between minds. I correctly guess a variety of specific targets and thoughts in amazing telepathy demonstrations where everyone can take part!
You will also learn some secrets on knowing what a person is thinking, just by watching their body language!

Precognition. Perceiving something before it actually physically happens. Including written evidence of events yet to occur later that evening.

Juggling and restructuring enormous numbers. Instantaneously.

“He can tell you the cube root of 357,911 in the time it takes you to say that number.” Georgia Straight

The bending, twisting and melting of metal objects.

To see this live, in a theatre, is an amazing and memorable event. But experiencing it at Psychic Party, happening 2 feet away from you, is a mindblowing and unforgettable experience.

Your Host is a Master Mentalist

“MUST-SEE” Victoria News
“MIND-BLOWING” Monday Magazine
“INCREDIBLE” Edmonton Journal
“BIZARRE” Winnipeg Free Press
“REMARKABLE” Victoria City View
“SPELLBINDING” Cowichan News Leader
“UNCANNY” Saskatoon Star Phoenix
“UNEXPLAINABLE” Edmonton Examiner
“COOL” Georgia Straight
“AMAZING” See Magazine

A Party your friends will NEVER forget!

Psychic Party costs less than your group would spend on an evening out!

It’s very easy to stage and can be held in virtually any setting. Indoors or Outdoors.

This surreal and totally INTERACTIVE show will transform your party into an UNFORGETTABLE event.

There’s nothing like witnessing something impossible to explain, while sitting and laughing with friends and family. Psychic Party is almost like being in a movie – filled with impossible special effects. But it’s REALLY happening, and you have Front Row Seats!

Your friends take home memories of having being part of something EXTRAORDINARY.

Contact me today and start planning YOUR unforgettable Psychic Party!

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I look forward to meeting you!


Psychic Party is for entertainment purposes only.